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B O O K   O C E A N   K I N

Photo credits: Christian Webber 

about HOSTING 

Contact us for fees, ticketing, promotional material and any other inquiries. We appreciate that every host, venue and community comes with their own unique needs and capacities. We are interested in working with you to make a show possible in your space!  Our world premiere entrance fee was Pay What You Can. We believe everyone should have access to cultural art experiences. The most important thing for us is for the work to reach the people it needs to reach <3 



-minimum 12' x 15' of performing space PLUS audience seating

-1 outlet near performing space 

-Sound system

-Fully dark space (contact us if you need blackout curtains) 

-We need a full 24 hours to present one show (ex: 10 am - 10 am). We have a lot of gear to set up and take down!



-Community Centres



-Indoor Festival Spaces

-We recommend the show to everyone with precaution taken for young children who may be sensitive to loud nightmare-ish music and people sensitive to flashing lights

-We specifically recommend this show to young adults struggling with mental health and/or addiction and high school youth. Ocean Kin is an entirely analog show; if something is moving it is because a human is moving it. We consider this a unique alternative to the digital screen experience for today's youth.



There are 3 options for presentation:

1. Traditional Viewing Experience:

Puppeteers and set are hidden on one side of the screen, audience members watch from the other side.

2. 360 Degree Viewing Experience:

Audience is seated all around the puppeteers and set to watch both the show on the screen and the choreography of the puppeteers.

3. Show + Workshop

We present the show in partnership with a workshop of your choosing. We are currently developing a shadow art workshop to offer communities based on interest. Alternatively, we recommend partnering with groups/leaders that can facilitate discussions around mental health/addiction, suicide awareness, trans* issues, Indigenous issues and the environmental crisis. We encourage the host to find an appropriate workshop for their community and use our show as a way to access emotional vulnerability.

We look forward to sharing this work with your community soon.

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